INITIATE stands for: INItial Test for fall rIsk Assessment in The Elderly. The INITIATE Study is a prospective cohort study that aims to determine the optimal balance and mobility screening test or subset of tests for fall risk assessment in community-dwelling older Canadians. In this study, older adults across Hamilton will complete a baseline mobility assessment and will be followed for 1 year to measure falls. Prior to testing, participants will be asked about their history of falls and self-report problems with balance/fear of falling. Based on responses, participants will be categorized into two groups: high self-report fall risk group; and low-self-report fall risk group. Along with age, and sex, we will explore difference between groups and assess the tests’ properties for these strata. Findings from this study will provide important information on the best tests of balance and mobility to use for assessing fall risk. This will help health professionals identify older adults at risk for falling and provide interventions to prevent a fall from occurring.

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The INITIATE Study is conducted in association with the McMaster Institute for Research on Aging (MIRA)

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